Our Services

Whether it’s pruning an apple tree, reducing the crown of a mighty oak tree or conducting a tree inspection – we do it all.

We undertake all aspects of tree surgery including emergency call outs. We also offer additional services such as tree inspections and Tree and Woodland Management Plans. 

Tree Surgery

Whilst we pride ourselves in all aspects of our work, it’s pruning in particular that we are most proud of. Here are just a few methods of tree surgery to help keep your trees happy and healthy.

Tree and Stump Removal

No one likes to see a tree being taken down - least of all us! However, sometimes it’s the only option for the tree itself and to keep everyone safe.

Hedge Maintenance

Keeping on top of your hedges. We can help to ensure your borders are always looking sharp.

Tree Inspections

Need some guidance? Get in touch to arrange a tree inspection to help you make an informed decision.

Tree and Woodland Management Plans

Bespoke, short and long term tree care plans to help maintain the trees on your land.


We carefully select trees and hedgerows suited to your requirements and ensure that each will grow and thrive.

Mobile Milling

Don’t want to say goodbye to a fallen tree? Milling could be the solution.

Emergency Callouts

Call us in the event of an emergency - day or night.

Get in touch to arrange a quote